• Transform your senses. Listen to life, to the sounds you choose, with the new Pocketalker® 2.0 personal amplifier from Williams Sound.
  • Designed with you in mind, the 2.0 exudes beauty and grace both inside and out. Clean lines designed for comfort and style. Cutting-edge technology clearly in tune with your life.
  • So, spread those wings. Personally tailor your listening experiences with the 2.0’s superior sound and unparalleled frequency range.
  • Amplify your life with Pocketalker 2.0

Hear what you want to hear by amplifying the sounds and voices most important to you.

  • 1
    Plug your earphone or headphone into the headphone jack.
  • 2
    Position the internal microphone near the preferred sound.
  • 3
    Adjust the volume to your comfort.

Wherever you land

  • One-on-one discussions
  • Television listening
  • Conversing in the car
  • Restaurants

A hearing aid is a customized medical device that amplifies all sounds.

The Pocketalker personal amplifier is used to amplify specific sounds or voices. It helps you hear what you want to hear by reducing distracting background noise.